Thursday, July 26, 2018

Google Stops Public URL Submissions Supporting in The Search Index

Google Close Public URL Submissions Supporting to Index for searching

Google Stops Public URL Submissions Supporting in Search Index
Google Wednesday already announced in their algorithm that, they are stopped public URL submissions supporting in the search index.Google everyday are coming a lot of updates in their algorithm, public URL submissions support stopped, its search index. It's the new Google new update.
Google Webmasters said, We've had to spil the public submission feature. The company didn't said details, why it was essential to drop it. Webmaster login methods still working.So, Google said "we continue to welcome your url submissions using the common tool in Search Console and by sitemaps directly."

Public URL Submissions Advantage in Search Index:

Clearly, Google didn't give advantage to stop of supporting public URL submissions.But we can think that, it's the good think for the user because they will be find good keypoint and spammer will reduce from search engine.It's the really well.
Google said, Webmasters must submit content only by Search Console’s Fetch as Google tool or via sitemaps. As like as................

Monday, May 30, 2016

What Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization
SEO means Search Engine Optimization.It’s one of the process, attempts or technique of getting traffic from the Unpaid, Organic, Natural or Editional Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).It’s improve Search Engine Ranking.
search engine optimization techniques
search engine optimization techniques
When you will give any topics search as for example,
Keyword,Content,Image,Video,Wallpaper,Webpage etc in the search engine,instant you will get more & more result,that is called Search Engine  Optimization.It's one of the best methods or technique to find all kinds of results.

Why We Are Use Search Engine?

People use Search Engines for Research,Entertainment,Buying -Selling and find to all kinds of necessary information etc.So Search Engine is the most powerful tools and very essential with us.

How To Do Search "Keyword" And Optimized?

The are many search engine in the world as like as,
Entireweb etc.
Step by setp I will give Keyword Search and Optimized Keyword Rank Or Position. Follow,
At first open Search engine  tool
and that for example, keyword "Hexxit Server List" copy and paste google search engine.When you will see keyword this position in google search engine.

Keyword Ranking Strategy
Keyword Rank Or Position
Here Keyword Top Position in Google.

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